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ICF is trusted by government and private sector clients to provide cybersecurity solutions that support the full range of cybersecurity missions and protect evolving IT infrastructures in the face of relentless threats.

We are cyber pioneers. We build on the experience gained from decades of protecting our nation’s defense infrastructures to offer commercial enterprises comprehensive solutions that help ensure effective cybersecurity from any starting point. We serve all markets, but are called upon most frequently by clients who maintain critical infrastructure—energy, transportation and healthcare. Our cyber and infrastructure security professionals integrate the best available technologies and tools to address the ever higher sophistication and increased frequency of attacks.

Private industry faces mounting threats and an exponentially-growing attack surface with pressure towards inter-connectedness, the rising tide of the Internet of Things, and digitization of critical infrastructure devices. ICF partners with leading technology and service providers to solve complex cybersecurity challenges—from an industry-first “until known good” network traffic containment capability to an all-hands simulation of a cyberattack to test event preparedness.

Our goal is to make effective cybersecurity possible by strengthening existing cybersecurity programs with flexible and cost-effective complementary services. With advanced managed security services, advisory services, and risk management, ICF is leading the way to the next generation of commercial cyber defense.

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