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Scoping Study for Global Future Cities Program

sky view of roads with colorful lights at night
Nov 1, 2016

This assignment operated in three countries: Nigeria, South Africa and Turkey. The objective was to assess emerging opportunities in urban development that would support urban development and poverty reduction in the study countries and how UK organizations can be placed to capture them. The overarching purpose of the project was to propose cities and thematic intervention areas in each scoping study country that would serve as a basis to inform and design a model for a Global Future Cities Program.

Understanding that the project had to be completed in a very tight timescale, ICF’s methodology was exceptionally successful in rapidly gathering information, accessing networks, conducting consultations and processing data.

The information collected as part of the project was used for the development of a Concept Note submitted to UK Ministers outlying the principles of the Global Future Cities Program. The Concept Note was successfully developed, submitted and subsequently approved. Funding for the Program comes from the Prosperity Fund.