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ICF Sightline

Actionable lines of sight provide a clear view to optimize programs

Get a streamlined look into customer behavior, contractor performance, and program operations with Sightline. Our technology roadmap is informed and navigated by ICF energy professionals, business analysts, and developers whose combined skillset provides energy program managers the power to design and deliver effective programs rooted in solid data.

Our platform features:

  • 360° Lines of Sight – Your view is a comprehensive picture, from the field to front- and back-office activities to inform your decisions about program participation and optimization.
  • Tailored Benchmarking – Integrated national benchmarks are tailored to your service territory for powerful, actionable customer, building, and program analytics.
  • Customer First – Data-driven insights about customers and buildings deliver personalized self-services, individualized recommendations, and enhanced journeys.
  • Behavioral Engagement – Propensity algorithms and social listening optimize the impact of normative messaging across multiple engagement channels.  
  • Flexible Implementation – The platform-as-a-service model allows holistic integration of new and existing utility IT investments.
  • Location Independence – Sightline delivers robust data collection, real-time calculations, and interactive engagement from a responsive design that supports diverse devices and native mobile tools.